Teagen Kiel

Software Consultant & Developer, Chicago

Kiel Teagen 2022 Web

Ever since I could remember I’ve been obsessed with finding creative solutions to problems.

Entering my freshman year at the University of Iowa, I knew I wanted to turn this obsession into a career, but I wasn’t sure what kind of problems I wanted to solve yet. While I was learning to code in an introductory engineering course, I quickly realized that creating solutions in software was the right fit for me, and changed my major to Computer Engineering.

Since then, I’ve found myself involved in numerous projects, ranging from helping a startup introduce new Internet of Things technology in the transportation and logistics industry to working with doctors on developing a mobile visual field testing application using virtual reality.

I think that the human-centered design approach to building software is extremely important, and I’m always advocating for the end user during the development process. There’s just something about developing a piece of software and knowing I’ve made someone’s life easier on the other side of the screen that keeps me going.

When I’m not writing software, I’m usually rehearsing, producing, or performing with one of the many music projects I’m a part of. I also love to travel, and I’m always down for a good road trip.

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