Ian Culver

Software Consultant & Designer, Ann Arbor

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I strongly believe that design—when done with good intentions—can make the world a better place. From simplifying our daily lives, through sophisticated product design, all the way to overhauling antiquated systems and services, human-centered design provides a set of methodologies for making sense of a problem and establishes frameworks for balancing human, technical, and business needs in order to deliver holistic solutions.

While the context always varies, I consistently approach each project as an opportunity to learn and create positive change (in my community and beyond). This approach has been formed through a unique blend of design roles and creative endeavors prior to joining Atomic. Within the last decade, I’ve worn several hats and played distinctly different roles, including: video production and animation, web and interactive design, art installation, non-profit visual communications, custom furniture and interior design, UX research and strategy, and even a short stint as a farm hand between gigs.

My education in Collaborative and Industrial Design at Kendall College of Art & Design fostered an interest in being a generalist and multidisciplinary creative professional, which has been reinforced through this array of life and professional experiences. When I’m not working, I love being outdoors and staying active: running, biking, hiking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and golfing (to name a few). I also enjoy cooking and gardening, and have started to find great joy in collecting vinyl records.

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