Jonathan Chaffer

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

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I’ve always been passionate about creating things. Throughout my life, I’ve explored several modes of creation, including illustration, animation, music, and graphic design. Most recently, my interests have turned toward computer software. This field is particularly interesting to me because it not only satisfies my desire to create, but also has an interactive aspect that most other creative media lack. Good software provides utility, convenience, and enjoyment to its users, and I’m excited to be part of its development at Atomic Object.

I graduated from Hope College in 2021 with a degree in computer science, communication, and graphic design. This combination of skills gives me a unique perspective on the software development process, allowing me to view problems from a variety of different angles. During my time at Hope, I had the opportunity to work as a computer science teaching assistant. I also worked on a variety of software projects, including a tree identification app for Holland nature enthusiasts and a touchscreen display that allows prospective students to explore career opportunities. College taught me the fundamentals of software development, and I’m eager to continue learning new skills in this ever-changing field.

When I’m not writing software, you’ll likely find me going on runs and bike rides, watching movies, and enjoying the great food of Grand Rapids.

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