Brian Vanderwal

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Vanderwal Brian 2015 Web

When my cousins first showed me how to program in QBASIC, I was instantly hooked. Throughout elementary school and high school, I continued to teach myself new programming languages. I also enjoyed tinkering with electronics and disassembling things to learn how they worked. So by the time I got to college there was no question what I wanted to study.

After graduating from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Computer Science, I spent the next 8 years refining my skills as a generalist. I gained experience in web, mobile, and desktop development, in addition to a lot of Linux system administration. In my spare time I also ventured into embedded development using PIC microcontrollers.

I enjoy solving problems using the best tools available (which requires learning constantly), so I was naturally drawn to Atomic Object. I joined Atomic in October 2015 and I am privileged to work alongside others who share my passion for crafting great software.

When I'm away from the keyboard, I can often be found rock climbing, cycling, or downhill skiing.

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