Sivhaun Sera

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

Sera Sivhaun 2018 Web

When I was young I wanted to be an ecologist, because I was fascinated by the way different pieces of the world fit together. How cutting down a forest in the tropics could affect something so far away, seemingly unrelated. I was excited that I could use observations and math to figure out the way the world worked, make predictions, and eventually use what I figured out to improve things.

In college, I took a computer science class and loved it. So I took another, and then another. Eventually, I realized it wasn’t the biology I loved; it was studying complex systems. Now at Atomic Object, I’m excited to be building things that work together in cool ways and learning more every day. I came to Atomic in the summer of 2018, as part of Cell Beta.

Before joining Atomic, I received a B.A in computer science and biology from Kalamazoo College, where I received the Provost Award in Computer Science and the Enlightened Leadership Award for my work in building community for all within the Computer Science Program. During my time at Kalamazoo, I also completed a technology internship at Quicken Loans, where I worked on continuous integration and automation tools.

On the weekends you can find me playing strategy board games, reading, swimming, camping, working on my dirt bike, spending time with my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rocky, skiing, or some combination of all of the above.

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