Kyle Harris

Software Consultant & Designer, Grand Rapids

Kyle Harris

I studied graphic design at Ferris State University, where craft and purpose were the foundation for every project. Although my training was more traditional, I apply these same standards when it comes to software and web application design.

The mantra for User Experience and User Interface designers is to turn a complex problem into a simple solution. But that is not enough. Rather than just make something simple, I believe it is my job to make something meaningful. Every feature, every interaction, every feedback, should be designed with extreme intent, and executed with utmost precision.

On the flip side, I am also an advocate for our clients. It is not enough to build software for the user; the software has to meet or exceed business objectives.

It is in this role–being a liaison between a user and a client—that I have found the biggest differentiator between designers and artists. Art is an internal expression which evokes a subjective response. Design is an external solution, where purpose is clear and objectives are defined.

Prior to joining Atomic Object in 2016, I worked for 8 years on the marketing consulting side as a web designer and digital art director in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven, MI.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time in software and applications that provide meaningful experiences to me; these include video games, Netflix, and reading blogs and articles on all things design and User Experience.

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