Kyle Harris

Software Consultant & Designer, Grand Rapids

Kyle Harris

The mantra for User Experience and User Interface designers is to turn a complex problem into a simple solution. But that is not enough. Rather than just make something simple, I believe it is my job to make something meaningful. Every feature, every interaction, every feedback, should be designed with extreme intent, and executed with utmost precision.

On the flip side, I am also an advocate for our clients. It is not enough to build software for the user; the software has to meet or exceed business objectives.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Ferris State University. Unlike most design degrees or schools, Ferris’ program is a part of the College of Business, with a large emphasis on marketing, management, and economics. The combination of a traditional design education and a strong business focus equips me perfectly to be a "generalist" UX designer at Atomic; crafting polished and detailed UI, intently built with research-backed user and business goals and principles.

Prior to joining Atomic Object in 2016, I worked for 8 years on the marketing consulting side as a digital art director in Grand Rapids, and a web designer in Grand Haven, MI.

My wife and I desire to own a farm just large enough to justify investing in a John Deere tractor, a combine, and four goats. In the meantime, I play farming simulator video games to buy time.

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