Matt Soto

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

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My dad was a network engineer, so I grew up surrounded by computers, organizing LAN parties, and building my own PCs from parts he had lying around the house. Naturally, I decided to pursue a career in science in college, and entered the Physics program at Purdue University. After several years of this, and more math than I can adequately express, I finally took a programming course as part of my non-major requirements. One semester and I was hooked! I immediately switched majors and completed my degree in Computer Science.

Over the years, I’ve worked on projects with different companies in fields as varied as healthcare, time and attendance, and finance. I’m relentless in my pursuit of true excellence in software craftsmanship, and absorb everything I can from the people and projects I work on.

I appreciate the challenge of software design. I enjoy the process of drilling down to the core of a problem, solving it simply and accurately, and leaving the project set up for success in the future. When Atomic Object offered me the opportunity to work for a company that would truly support and empower me to do exactly that while maintaining exceptionally high ethical standards, I couldn't refuse.

I'm ecstatic to be working with Atomic to bring software excellence to the world, making a difference one client at a time.

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