Elaine Ezekiel

Director of Marketing, Ann Arbor

Ezekiel Elaine 2018 Web

As a journalist by training, I know asking the right questions is everything. At Atomic, I'm asking: who we want to serve as the next generation of software creators; what our B Corp status means for a software consultancy; where we’d like to grow our company over the next century; why clients should pick us as their trusted partner; and how we're going to communicate that clearly.

My graduate education and six years’ experience in marketing help me meet these questions with relevant and creative tactics. Working alongside Lina Miller and Lisa Tjapkes, I’ve seen success—and learned quickly from failures—in demand generation, account-based marketing, business development, recruiting, outreach coordination, public relations, people management, content creation, and internal data systems improvement.

Through this role, I’ve had the opportunity to share Atomic with a national audience through Forbes Magazine, stewarded hundreds of paid volunteer hours and many thousands of dollars into our communities, overhauled Atomic's sales data systems, grown a small but mighty team of inbound marketers, and fostered a network of Atomic fans in my hometown of Ann Arbor and throughout the midwest.

Outside of work, I run fast, bike slow, and listen to a staggering amount of radio.

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