Nathan Papes

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

Papes Nathan 2021 Web

Skateboarding was my favorite hobby growing up. Through exploring this hobby, I learned about computers because I wanted to make skateboard montage videos. Video editing was my introduction to learning how to Google technology questions properly. Little did I know that this experience would lay the foundation for my future.

I took my first computer science course while in high school. I enjoyed the fast feedback and creative aspects that writing software offered. After this class, software felt like a viable career option for me. And I haven’t looked back since.

I honed in on my software building skills at CMU where I had my first programming job and completed my undergrad. After graduating I started my professional career building online wellness campaigns and cloud infrastructures to keep them online. I’ve led development projects, both working independently and with teams of engineers. Writing software is fun but the fulfillment from delivering something that is valuable to others is what keeps me motivated.

Outside of work, I like spending time with family and friends. I embrace the outdoors in Michigan. Snowboarding in the winter and skateboarding when it’s warmer.

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