Jordan Schaenzle

Managing Partner, Chicago

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Ever since my dad brought home our first family computer (a Packard Bell) back in the early ‘90s, I have been intrigued by electronics. In those days, I’d disassemble remote-control cars and other toys, just to gape at the circuits and motors inside. I wanted to know everything about them.

My curiosity led me to pursue a degree in engineering, and I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Calvin College.

After school, I worked for several companies where I got to try my hand at machine building, circuit design, board layouts, embedded, and desktop software development. Over time, I found myself spending most of my time writing code. At work and in my free time, I soaked up computer science knowledge like a sponge. One day, a friend from college told me about Atomic Object and suggested I apply.

I joined Atomic Object in 2011, and, since then, I’ve taken on many roles within the company including Software Developer and Consultant, Tech Lead, Delivery Lead, and Career Development Manager. While my attention has been directed more towards software, I’ve been able to satiate my interests in electrical engineering through my involvement in IoT focused projects and professional development. On the weekends, you might find me in my basement hacking together a custom IoT device to enhance my homebrew setup.

In 2020, I accepted the job of Managing Partner for Atomic Object’s Chicago office. As Managing Partner my mission is pretty straight forward: build an awesome team of passionate makers and position them to deliver success for our clients.

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