Alex Zurek

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Zurek Alex 2016 Web

I've always loved technology, but I didn't grow up with my fingers glued to a keyboard writing programs. Throughout high school, I spent my free time building computers and troubleshooting issues for friends and family. I've fixed more printer jams and Wifi connection issues than I'd like to admit.

When I arrived at Grand Valley State University in 2012, I knew that fixing computers wasn’t the optimal career path for me, but I still wanted to be able to help people and give back to my community. This lead to my major in Computer Science. Programming became a form of artistic expression, a way to show people what I had learned and show them that I could help them in more ways than connecting a computer to a wireless printer. It was more than a technical skill; it was an art form that was capable of solving real-world problems.

During my senior year of college, I interned with the Web/Mobile team at Spectrum Health to work on their Find a Doctor application. I loved working on a project that directly impacted patients in a positive way. Working in such a large healthcare system connected me with many wonderful people and allowed me to grow as a software developer while also giving back to the Grand Rapids community.

After graduation, I joined Atomic as part of the first Accelerator program. The program strongly emphasized professional development and motivated my desire to always learn new things. I wouldn't be the developer than I am today if it wasn't for the Accelerator program.

Outside of software development, I enjoy cooking, casual bike rides, and hiking.

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