Dan Kelch

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Dan Kelch

When I started college at Grand Valley State University, I had no intention of ever programming. However, after a few semesters pursuing a degree in the medical field, I decided that I would be better suited somewhere else. After hearing many recommendations to try it out, I ended up taking an introductory computer science course. That class changed my life—I was immediately drawn to the art of creatively and logically solving problems in an ever-changing field.

Three years later, in 2016, I graduated with honors from Grand Valley and was given the opportunity to join the first Atomic Accelerator program. During my time at Grand Valley, I developed a passion for writing software, with a special interest in mobile applications.

Outside of developing software, I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies. Some of my consistent hobbies include disc golf, racquetball, and playing a variety of different instruments. I am always trying out new things, such as knitting, woodworking, and board games, to name a few.

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