Gage Vander Clay

Software Consultant & Developer, Chicago

Vander Clay Gage 2022 Web

My love for software development is rooted in my strong interest in math and science and my desire to create.

I first started developing software during my freshman year at Grand Valley State University, and I instantly felt a spark. I loved the feeling of turning a project idea into a usable product and then being able to go back and tinker with any feature I developed. I soon began to dabble in any every field I could, including web and mobile development, systems programming, and artificial intelligence.

After graduating with honors in 2017, I joined the Atomic Accelerator program where I am continuing to learn. I am currently most interested in developing mobile and web applications.

When I’m not inside writing code, I like to play a variety of sports including (but not limited to) tennis, basketball, disc golf, and racquetball. I’m also a huge fan of video games and always looking for a game to fill my free time.

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