Jaime Lightfoot

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Jaime Lightfoot

My path into the world of software was not driven by a lifelong interest in computers so much as a love of creating things with my hands. For me, making beautiful and functional software seems like an extension of my upbringing. Growing up, I spent a lot of time playing music, crafting jewelry and model airplanes, drawing architectural plans, and soaking up as much math as possible. The many interests and talents of my own family helped me develop a strong sense of curiosity in the world around me and a knack for starting more hobby projects than I can possibly finish.

I owe my interest in computers to my brother: when I was 8, he taught me how to write HTML in what I suspect was an effort to pass tedious work off onto his younger sister. Creating webpages connected two as-yet-unrelated interests in my life: math and the opportunity to make things with my hands, albeit in a more abstract way.

I continued my interest in math and music into my higher education, earning my Associate’s in Music at GRCC, majoring in violin and viola, and then went to Grand Valley State University to study electrical engineering, earning my BSEE.

Through GVSU’s engineering program, I interned at DornerWorks, an embedded systems engineering firm and longtime collaborator with Atomic Object. After graduation, I worked as an electronics engineer at Disher Design and was able to have a range of experience servicing the needs of various industries and technologies. Seeing an opportunity to focus on design best-practices, I joined Atomic Object in October 2015 and am excited to promote understanding and technical creativity among some incredibly talented and passionate people.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing hockey, working on hobby projects, playing my viola and banjo, and reading.

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