Jarek Wojciechowski

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

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With my father working as a network engineer and my mother working as an embedded developer, I got pulled into the world of computers at a young age. I remember a few times when I was younger that I took things apart just to take them apart. (I’ve since gotten a little better at the putting-them-back-together step.)

After that, I started taking some programming classes in high school, and I loved them. I knew that people made careers out of programming, so it wasn’t even really a decision for me to get a computer science degree and go into software development.

A few years into my college career, I went with a few friends to a university hackathon. The experience was overwhelmingly positive and has led me to at least two large events in my life. The first was that I helped spearhead running Oakland University’s hackathon, GrizzHacks, secondly I started working with Major League Hacking as a coach to help run student hackathons across the country. I graduated from Oakland University in 2017 with my BS in Computer Science. I started working with Atomic Object shortly afterwards.

In my free time I enjoy working on software projects that solve weird problems, exploring Michigan’s beer landscape, expanding my music tastes, and putting my cars back together.

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