Jimmy Cerone

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Cerone Jimmy 2020 Web

For most of my life, computers were simply a tool. Until my computer came down with a virus. That first infuriating virus and the journey to fixing it opened the world of computers for me. After my first peek, I dove into Codecademy courses on HTML and Javascript but really fell in love when I discovered Arduinos at a Robotics camp. Seeing my keystrokes move a motor and blink a light blew my mind. My interest blossomed at a MedTech internship where I saw code turned into lifesaving work. I was hooked.

Since my “hooking”, I’ve worked on Machine Learning in Python with the University of Wisconsin, used that Machine Learning experience in web development in Colorado, and helped automate the world of cybersecurity with Python at Swimlane. On the side, I started a company called Deep Sight which aimed to disrupt the smoke detector industry through computer vision and machine learning. Finally, in my free time, I’ve enabled my passion for reflection in a variety of automated journaling schemes of varying effectiveness.

When I’m not coding, you can find me reading about ideas or talking about them. I love nothing more than a good book and a good friend. To see what I’m reading now, check out my Goodreads.

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