Joe Bustamante

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Bustamante Joe 2018 Web

I first discovered my love for computers and software when I was still in elementary school. My dad had an old computer that he set up for me in his office, and I would sit there playing Runescape and Empire Earth with him while Harry Chapin CDs played in the background.

Once I realized how much I enjoyed both computers and the creation process, I decided to pursue them full-time. I graduated from Hope College with a double major in Computer Science and English Literature because I thought the combination of those two disciplines would be the best way to further grow in some of the things I love most: working with other people, communicating effectively, constantly reading and learning, and building things I’m passionate about.

I’m excited to get to continue growing in all those ways at Atomic. I love the emphasis that AO puts on delivering value to our clients, and how integral it is to have strong communication with them throughout the development process. Before Atomic, I previously worked as a real estate salesman and web developer at a bank, and also interned at Open Systems Technologies as an application developer.

Besides development, I spend a lot of time geeking out about Taylor guitars, watching Manchester United matches, and kicking a soccer ball around. I’m passionate about game development and am currently working on a couple projects in engines like Unity and Phaser.

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