Jori Gelbaugh

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

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I’ve loved to write creatively since I can remember, believing that words have the power to impact people in profound ways. I always assumed I’d pursue a field where I could use my words to create positive change, but never anticipated using the words of code to creatively solve unique challenges through software development.

I graduated from Hope College with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Global Studies, a combination that allowed me to study abroad in Vienna, Austria and Madrid, Spain. Both adventures helped me gain confidence in skills that have contributed to how I develop and work collaboratively, including cross-cultural communication and exploring unfamiliar territory.

During my time at Hope, I had opportunities to work on several software development projects, including a Google Chrome extension that helped students with learning and reading disabilities, a web application that aided nursing students, and an iOS mobile application that helped college staff with data tracking. I also participated in a program that provided opportunities to work on and lead consulting projects, including providing software recommendations for Trans-Matic, leading an operations management project for Trendway, and leading a software development project for Herman Miller.

Of Atomic’s many values that resonate with me, “give a shit” is what made me really excited to work here because I’m typically a pretty passionate person (for better or worse). When I’m not writing code, I’m also passionate about a variety of hobbies, including reading, public speaking, traveling, hiking, connecting with people over a cup of coffee (or several), and dreaming big.

Awards, Conferences, & Groups
  • Computer Science Department Leadership Award 2020
  • Sigma Xi Research Award 2020
  • First Place in Discovery Track from Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) 2017

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