Laura Robb

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Laura Robb

When I first started college, I never expected to go into Computer Science, and was not aware of the degree initially. It wasn’t until halfway through studying for a Zoology degree, when I began to feel uncertain about my future career options, that a friend suggested I tried programming.

I enjoy being creative and love learning how the world around me works, and I was amazed at how perfectly those come together when creating software. I have been hooked since my first programming course and have never regretted switching majors.

During school, I worked as a Software Developer Intern at BS&A Software for two years and as an Assistant Manager at Culver’s for several years. These gave me a good mix of technical and customer service experience, which have helped prepare me to be a valuable software consultant.

I graduated with honors from Michigan State University in December 2016, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and began working at Atomic Object in January 2017.

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