Mary DeYoung

People Development Consultant, Grand Rapids

Mary DeYoung

At Atomic, our greatest asset is our people. As the People Development Consultant, I work with atoms at all levels to understand how we can support, challenge and empower our people to live out our purpose and deliver on our value proposition.

As a social worker by training, a Gallup-certified strengths coach, and a cultural intelligence coach, I know that each person brings unique perspectives and strengths. My job is to help leaders, managers, and coworkers understand what each person brings and how to leverage them. I provide tools, critical questions, and insights that enable folks to grow in their own confidence and capacity to support and empower their colleagues.

During my time at Atomic, I have implemented employee engagement measures to help us know how we are doing in the areas of employee engagement, satisfaction, and purpose. I have coached nearly 100 folks on strengths, and run training customized sessions to support team and office cohesion.

I have also worked with leadership to implement Cultural Intelligence at Atomic. We believe that as Atomic grows, our workforce will continue to diversify. To be a place where work can matter for everyone, we must increase our effectiveness at working with a diverse group of people. Cultural Intelligence helps us understand ourselves and grow in curiosity, grace, and creativity as we invite others to share their perspectives and strengths.

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