Mary DeYoung

Special Assistant to the CEO, Grand Rapids

Mary DeYoung

As Special Assistant to the CEO, I am a facilitator, organizer, and all-around problem solver. I work on anything that expands Atomic’s (and specifically Carl Erickson’s) capacity to do more of what they’re incredibly good at. I love that my job at Atomic is to assist caring people to build bridges, break down barriers, and improve our community.

I hold Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish and a Maters of Social Work from the University of Michigan. Before joining Atomic, I had the privilege to work with trafficked girls and youth experiencing unsafe and unstable housing. I loved it. Every day there were opportunities to see unprecedented strength and hope and to learn about the complex barriers people face. This ignited a deep passion for systemic innovation and bridge building.

From my very first meeting with Carl, I saw that Atomic is a company that bridges gaps and finds creative solutions where others may not. The nonprofit and for-profit worlds often have a hard time communicating because they speak different languages. During my time at Atomic, I hope to learn more about the for-profit world and become a bridge-builder between the two.

In my free time, you can find me volunteering for nonprofits, enjoying seasonal outdoor activities like water skiing and snowboarding, and working on my historic home.

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