Mary O'Neill

Vice President, Grand Rapids

Mary O'Neill

From finance to human resources and facility management, I wear many hats as the master of Atomic's business operations. My work enables our teams to focus on creating great software products for our customers.

Purdue University is my alma mater. My degree and prior professional experience center around workplace design. Before joining Atomic, I researched and designed great workplaces for Herman Miller. I count myself among the ranks of LEED Accredited Professionals within the U.S. Green Building Council.

I'm a strong believer in the power of the built environment to enable our social connectedness, productivity, health and daily happiness.

In support of Atomic's commitment to community building and sustainable local business, I serve on the Uptown Corridor Improvement District Board and the Local First Board in Grand Rapids.

I enjoy weekend cooking adventures, artisan bread baking, and exploring what being a locavore is all about. My daughter claims I've got an impressive amber collection, and the art of hand blown glass fascinates me.

Awards, Conferences, & Groups
  • Start Garden Board of Directors 2019-present
  • Local First Board of Directors 2018-present
  • GR Uptown Corridor Improvement District Board of Directors 2018-present

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